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She kicked off a DNA test to find her real family, what she found was a terrifying reality

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DNA tests are almost as common as buying a mobile phone these days. So common that people are finding answers about their family like never before (our editor-in-chief did so himself to discover he was a different race then he had always been told and that his biological sister had all but lived next door.)

But for one woman a life-changing discovery led to the discovery that her father was someone she never imagined. WECT reports that Kathy Gillcrist did what most have done and used 23AndMe.

Though the test itself turned up more than she bargained for just a few short months after she found a third cousin. That cousin Sara Gillmor helped hunt down her father only for her to find that her father is on the list of the FBI ‘s Most Wanted Fugitives.

The FBI’s list lists the man William as an FBI fugitive since least the late 70’s. He allegedly killed his own mother; his wife, and his kids ages 14, 10, and 5 and then buried their bodies in a North Carolina makeshift grave. But then he allegedly set said makeshift grave on fire — and has been in the wind ever since.

She Found Her Birth Father—on FBI's Most Wanted List

William Bradford Bishop, Jr.   (FBI)

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