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Rapper The Game accused of scamming up and coming rappers

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There seems to be something in the water in the rap game. According to HipHopDX The Game has been accused of swindling aspiring rappers out of thousands of dollars under false pretences. It all started when The Game announced apparently that he was gonna work with some new people — though the terms of the “work together” part were a little shady.

Numerous rappers now claim that The Game falsely misled them to believe that by paying him they would be given a chance to collab. Instead — they paid The Game for a chance to upload them to a playlist nobody has ever heard of. Reports vary but The Game was allegedly charging $500-$1,000 a head for the so-called work.

Now people are calling foul on the move citing scam. Multiple blogs and social media users have accused The Game of taking advantage of people who were once in his shoes. Attempting to kickstart a career in music is a very difficult path.

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