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Atlanta based Instacart shopper appears to have thwarted a mass shooting at a local Publix

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Stunning news in Atlanta today as it has emerged that yesterday Atlanta police thwarted what likely would’ve turned into the area’s 2nd major massacre within two weeks. According to CNN, Atlanta police detain 22-year-old Rico Marley with six guns, body armor in Publix grocery store . Such occurred after a personal shopper (for the Instacart platform) rolled into a Public yesterday to use the restroom while working — only to discover a man in the stall that sounded like he was loading heavy weapons.

“When the male exited the bathroom, arriving units immediately detained” him, according to a statement from Atlanta Police Department. The man identified as Rico Marley, 22, was found inside the Publix market in Atlantic Station with nearly a dozen different weapons. Though the police claim it is unclear what his intentions were it isn’t quite rocket science to put two and two together.

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