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A rapper chopped off his roommates penis in an effort to go viral on the internet

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Desperate times call for despearate measures. A popular Spanish rapper is facing upwards of four and a half years in prison for apparently amputating his roommates’ manhood in a pay-for-play type scheme. Police say that Aaron Beltran made an agreement with his roommate Andrew to chop off his penis for viral content and that he would pay him as a result.

The payments allegedly ranged from £173, or about $240, to a maximum of £2,164, or about $3,000, according to the report first published in The Independent.

“On the afternoon of March 8, just before 7:15 p.m. when both men were in the victim’s bedroom, Andrew tied his pajama cord round the bottom of his penis to avoid hemorrhaging,” the indictment reads, the Sun reported.

“The accused, who was sat on a chair in front of him, cut his penis with a 12-inch kitchen knife which was never found because the accused got rid of it.”

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