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A cop has been caught on camera telling a 5-year-old “I hope your momma lets me beat you”

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A troubling story in Maryland today as the AP reports of a local police department under fire for an interaction between an officer and a 5-year-old. The AP notes that the 5-year-old was captured on camera during the Jan 2020 interaction being told that an officer would like to beat him.

In the same video, the officer can be heard telling the young boy that he is a “little beast” and that he better not embarrass him at school. The video released by  Montgomery County Police Department  shows the officer in the face of the crying child despite calls for him to step back.

“There is no excuse for adults to ever speak to or threaten a child in this way,” the school system said.  Though the police department has since confirmed that the two officers in the video indeed are still employed by the department. It is unclear exactly what transpired for the cops to be called but it appears that the boy went missing from school.

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