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This loo night light from @mind_glowing_ is all the rage this season (and fun too!) #Ad

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One thing is for certain we’ve got to hand it to Mind Glowing for creating what was an informal idea and turning it into a blockbuster idea. Mind Glowing ‘s compact toilet night light (yes a night light for the loo) is just as it is described.

As someone who hates turning on the lights in the bathroom at 2:30 am when I’m half asleep — Mind Glowing hooked me up with the ultimate solution.

Quarantine really has given me an opportunity to spice up what is now my home; my office, my five star restaurant, my movie theatre, and of course the loo.

One major plus I happen to have liked from this brand is that their products not only work but they are extremely affordable. You can have quite a bit of fun without breaking the bank.


Final comments: Easy to install (it clips on the lid just like the pinkish air freshener you see in the photo); the lights change colours, it is also a motion detection based light system. It works best when aimed towards the door so that way when it swings open it automatically lights up. Mind Glowing most certainly nailed it with this one.


*In accordance with regulations in the U.S and the U.K (we’re dual nationals here) we are required to disclose that Mind Glowing provided this item to us free of charge in exchange for us using it. While it was provided to us on a promotional basis, we most certainly authentically used it and tried it out. We do not promote products that we ourselves otherwise wouldn’t use.

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