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The alleged kidnapping of a woman named Sai in Cincinnati is allegedly a hoax

Last updated on 2021-02-18

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Editors note: We’d like to remind people that transphobia is never okay and this has little to do with the individual or individuals in this story purportedly being transgender themselves. This story will be updated if or when credible evidence emerges suggesting otherwise.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now of an individual identified as Sai L reportedly based out of Cincinnati Ohio.

Before I go any further I want to warn you that it is going to get very Lifetime-movie-ish from this point on. This story is full of twists; turns, plot twists, and eventual revelations that it was all a lie.

Please do not let this distract you from people who are actually missing.

Sai is an LGB(T)QIA+ community member who for several years has used the GoFundMe platform to fundraise for what is known as transitioning. Though on numerous occasions not all of those GoFundMe pages reached their attempted goal.

The story takes a twist from here because although the above might seem fairly innocent to most (and it is) it gets pretty dark from thereon. In the latest GoFundMe page (which we won’t link here), Sai’s page was widely shared online after an allegedly staged video appeared to indicate she was kidnapped.

While these pages may seem fairly innocent social media is abuzz that it may have been something far more sinister. One Twitter post from a woman identified as Sai ‘s roommate in Ohio appears to confirm that sinister part that the story of “being kidnapped” was an orchestrated lie for the GoFund Me pages.

The video referenced.. which was allegedly filmed in her roommates closet and part of a rouse to garner attention to the GoFundMe pictured above.

But then this video appeared with the voice of an acquantaince over it.

But then there’s also this. Reported friends are now coming forth admitting it was a wild hoax.

The story grew fishy when the police department in the area confirmed on Twitter that they found no credible evidence to suggest there was a missing persons matching Sai ‘s description in the area.

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