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Rick Perry: People in Texas don’t mind being without heat or power as long as it keeps government out

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A truly bizarre story is unfolding today after the former Governor of Texas was quoted claiming that the people of Texas don’t mind being cold; without power, and not having heat so long as it keeps the government out. Of course nobody is quite sure what Perry reportedly meant by keeping the government out as if having working and functioning power sources somehow is some part of a conspiracy theory.

“Texans would be without electricity for longer than three days to keep the federal government out of their business,” Perry is quoted as saying. “Try not to let whatever the crisis of the day is take your eye off of having a resilient grid that keeps America safe personally, economically, and strategically.”

The comments appear to have come from a blog post on Kevin McCarthy ‘s website which can be found here. Perry appears to have almost entirely disregarded the fact that more than two dozen Texas are now dead as a result of having no power or heat.

Perry famously was among those who helped preside over the deregulation of Texas ‘s power grid back in the 2000 ‘s. While not known to those outside of Texas — Texas isn’t actually on the national grid itself or under the management of national officials.

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