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Australia rocked once again by news of a rape that occurred inside Parliament House

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PARLIAMENT HOUSE is the subject of a several media reports in Australia due to a previously underreported rape that occurred inside said chambers. According to PM Morrison advisor Brittany Higgins, in 2019, she was sexually assaulted while asleep by a colleague that refused to take no for an answer when she woke up mid-attack.

In an interview with The Project, Higgins disclosed that in March 2019 she had decided to let her hair down and go out for a drink. After a brief night on the town, she got into a taxi with the intent of going home but was instead met by a male colleague who joined her cabbie. That colleague, who has not been identified, then redirected the cab to Parliament rather than her abode.

Higgins then says she fell asleep inside Parliament House while the colleague “went to get something” that he had told the cabbie he had to get. Instead what she found when she woke up was a nightmare. Higgins was sexually assaulted while she was asleep and actually woke up mid-attack telling the man to stop although he declined.

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