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A teenage girl fell in love with her stepdad, so she helped him kill her family in Brazil as a result

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Several months later it looks like Brazilian police have at least in part solved a heinous double murder.

Although previously committed, this is the second major murder story to emerge out of Brazil in weeks.

Fabricio Arena was arrested in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, on Monday for the murder of his wife Cristiane Arena and  stepdaughter Karoline Guimarães, 9.

The salacious story allegedly involved the fact that the young woman reportedly fell in love with her step father. A love that was apparently so deep that the two conspired together to commit vicious crimes against their own family. Police reports show that the couple first wed in 2015 although Arena allegedly had quite the wandering eye.

In case it couldn’t get anymore gruesome, the teenage daughter helped police find the bodies after she and her stepdad had already mutilated and killed them.

It is understood that Fabricio instructed his daughter to also kill her sister so they could get away with being together.

Arena told the authorities that his daughter had a distaste for her mother because their relationship had soured and that they had grown close. Although maintains that nothing was wrong with that fact in itself.

Fabricio Arena confessed to the killings while teenage girl has denied any participation.

Police confirmed that the teenage girl is not being named as a minor although has denied participation although is listed as a sexual assault victim.

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