Month: February 2021

Fresh News

Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment by yet another former aide: Reports

At this point Andrew Cuomo should just be escorted out of New York and into questioning like any other person who would've been accused of sexual harassment. Cuomo per the New York Times has now been accused of sexual harassment by another woman who has been identified as Charlotte Bennett. Bennett admitted to the Times that Cuomo had previously harassed her with nasty questions and admitted to being into women in their 20's. “Ms. Bennett was a hardworking and valued member of our team during COVID. She has every right to speak out.” reads a statement per the same report from the New York Times. “When she came to me and opened up about being a sexual assault survivor and how it shaped her and her ongoing efforts to create an organization that empowered her voice to help othe...
Fresh News

Fashion legend Fred Segal has reportedly died

Fred Segal has died. The Hollywood fashion icon who helped style some of history ‘s most famous faces has abruptly passed away this weekend. Deadline reports.   'In 1961, Fred Segal created a retail scene that defined Los Angeles fashion and sparked a revolutionary shift in style that has transcended the last six decades,' a statement read.  
Taylor Swift has cancelled the remainder of her tour amid the pandemic

Taylor Swift has cancelled the remainder of her tour amid the pandemic

American pop star Taylor Swift has ended the remainder of her tour. According to the singer, she feels it just isn’t the right time to have a tour. I love coming on here to tell you good news, or to share a new project with you,' Taylor began her statement. 'It's not my favorite thing in the world to have to tell you news I'm sad about.’ she wrote online.

Police have obtained an arrest warrant in the death of Yale student Kevin Jiang

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — The disastrous murder of popular Yale student Kevin Jiang appears to be coming to a close. According to federal investigators and reports published Saturday, police believe they’ve located Qinxuan Pan. Pan is believed to be the sole killer in the case. U.S Marshals reportedly confirmed to the AP that Pan is considered armed and dangerous and was spotted in Georgia with his family. Officials confirmed that he was spotted in GA on 11 February driving around with his family.

Gaga ‘s dogs have been found + an update on Ryan Fischer the dogwalker

Lady Gaga ‘s prized bulldogs have been found. According to the Associated Press, Jonathan Tippet of the Los Angeles PD confirmed to the network over the weekend that they’d been returned to the singer’s home. The LAPD notes that the dogs were returned to the police after a woman showed up who they say had no connection to the robbery in question. Police are still hunting the perps responsibloe for the robbery and the shooting of Gaga ‘s dogwalker. Meanwhile it has been confirmed that Ryan Fischer the dog walker is in stable condition and is fully expected to recover. Fischer ‘s family confirmed to TMZ that he is receiving great care in the hospital. An investigation Into the crime is still ongoing.

Dems call foul on refusal to raise minimum wage, have a plan B in place

House Democrats would like Republicans to know that because they’re moving ship on a reported plan B to raise the minimum wage in the U.S. According to reports, Democrats are prepared to levy taxable fines against large corporations where their employees simply just don’t make enough. Those fines per Washington would begin roughly at 5%. Employers would then be subject to higher fines as time goes on and would not be able to avoid them by simply outsourcing their employees. The Hill reports that such would be one of the first times that Washington would have ever reversed course and stuck it to corporations.
Fresh News

A new video shows the terrifying attack on Lady Gaga ‘s dogwalker

Just a day after Lady Gaga ‘s dog walker was shot and robbed of her dogs — video footage of the attack has actually surfaced online. We can’t show you the footage here due to its graphic nature (but according to CNN, they have it.) The footage appears to show armed men hop out of a car demanding the walker give up the dogs or else. Their faces and identities aren’t quite clear which has led to a $500,000 reward by Lady Gaga herself to have the pooches returned.

Australians can once again view the news on Facebook

Aussie 's can once again view the news on Facebook but it comes with a few drawbacks considering the local government appears to have caved. According to the New York Post, the Australian government and Facebook have come to a deal that has now resulted in news being restored. That deal however still gives Facebook the opportunity to suspend access to the news at any time. https://twitter.com/RepJimmyPanetta/status/1364253944629854208?s=20
New York

NY mulling investigating its own governor over credible sex harass allegations

Cuomo apparently isn't the saint New York has painted him to be after all. Amid reports that his administration failed to disclose the actual number of COVID deaths in nursing homes, uh, there are quite a few other sinister things going on. The New York Post reports that NY 's AG Letitia James is mulling investigating Cuomo over sex harassment claims; abuse of power, and of course the massive cover-up he committed within his own administration. Cuomo has denied the claims on a number of occasions although NY Republicans are now demanding a special prosecutor into the stunning allegations. It is a wild fall from grace for Cuomo who was once hailed as a hero of the pandemic.
Fresh News

Big changes including groups and paid content are coming to Twitter

In features that have long been rumored to be on their way to Twitter, Twitter.com is finally getting a major facelift. According to The Verge, community groups are now coming to Twitter as are paid content options. Editors note: To prevent confusion we’d like to clarify that this does not mean that Twitter itself will be a subscription service. It is an add-on service for people who want to grow and monetize their content and followers. The Verge notes that Twitter hopes to grow its user base and revenue by allowing people to pretty much create their own online community hubs. The hubs will contain premium group access; content access, and other related things as Twitter seeks to expand its offerings. Users will be able to offer premium content; follows, newsletters, an...
Fresh News

Republicans don’t want America to add LGBTQ+ people to civil rights law, call it religious violation

Republicans in the House and the Senate are calling foul on what is now known as the Equality Act. According to the Act, LGBTQ+ people would be enshrined into the already existing civil rights laws in the United States. Similar to how white people granted Black people the right to live; work, buy and rent homes, and pretty much exist in the U.S the same would apply to LGBTQ+ people. Opponents of the law are calling it an outright violation of religious freedom. Others however aren’t quite sure how the lives of someone else violates anyone else’s religious freedom considering it isn’t their life. President Biden has made it his mission to ensure that people on the spectrum are treated equal from here on out.  "This is unprecedented. It's dangerous. It's an attack on our fir...
U.S Politics

Dems are asking Biden to give up sole authority over nuclear bombs

A letter published this week has signaled an extraordinary ask of President Joe Biden. According to the letter, signed by more than 30 Democrats, House Dems are asking Biden to forfeit his sole authority to determine when; if, and how the United States launches a nuclear attack. “As president, two of your most critical and solemn duties are the security of the country and the safeguarding of its nuclear arsenal,” the letter reads. https://twitter.com/RepJimmyPanetta/status/1364253944629854208?s=20
Astronomy & Space

Reported UFO sighting discovered over New Mexico

In the past year alone there have been more indications than ever that something is amiss with the world we live in. This week was no different as reports emerged out of New Mexico that yet another UFO was spotted. According to American Airlines, a pilot flying over the area on Sunday spotted a missile looking object that flew directly over his plane twice. The missile was not from the nearby Army training bases as confirmed by both bases per local reports. The reported UFO did not make contact with any singular entity or crash into anything nor did it stop. Arizona Republic reports that alike the many other sightings recently -- it is leading some to grow suspicious of who or what is inside of them.
Trump's America

Manhattan DA in possession of Trump ‘s tax returns setting up showdown of the century

Manhattan 's DA Cyrus Vance now has the documents that almost everybody wants to see. Earlier this week the Supreme Court ultimately ruled that on a state level New York can access Trump 's returns to determine if he committed crimes within their boundaries. Unfortunately for many under reported grand jury rules the public will never see the returns as they are considered sealed by law. The documents were handed over just a few hours after the ruling by Mazars USA -- Trump 's longtime and preferred accountancy service. Vance can now investigate whether or not Trump; his family, and his namesake organisation participated in various forms of fraud. From the looks of things, it sounds like Vance is mostly focused on the Trump Organization (long considered the golden parachute of ...

A man in Oklahoma cut out a woman’s heart; killed her, and then proceeded to cook it: Cops

A truly bizarre story emerging out of Oklahoma. According to reports, a man who was released from prison in January decidedly went on a crime spree again -- except this time it was even more terrifying than the last. The Oklahoman reports that Lawrence Paul Anderson was arrested at the Chikasha home of his aunt on 9 February after nearly murdering an entire family.  Leon Pye, 67, was dead inside the home. Pye's granddaughter, Kaeos Yates, died in an ambulance at the scene. Delsie Pye, 64, survived, but with stab wounds to both eyes, the outlet reports. Andrea Lynn Blankenship, 41 was found dead in her home only after Anderson allegedly confessed to cutting her heart out so he could cook it. Per police reports, Anderson wanted to cook the heart and feed it to his family and to...

New details emerge in the crash that nearly killed sports legend Tiger Woods

According to the Los Angeles Sheriff 's Office sports legend Tiger Woods is lucky to be alive. TMZ reports that it appears that Tiger had been seen speeding roughly a half-an-hour before the crash. Woods had been spotted leaving a nearby hotel that morning shortly after 7am. TMZ notes that Woods was apparently seen angry and agitated before he left the hotel due to a delay in driving off. The crash was reportedly so bad he had to be manually removed from his vehicle.
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