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We asked people what they believed about life, and the origins of life, and were left genuinely intrigued

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This article is part of our ‘Citizen’ series where we engage with and communicate with our community and beyond. Obviously due to the pandemic we reached out to our community friends and readers by private message; Facebook, Twitter, and even Telegram. The results were pretty shocking but it really makes you wonder — no really because some of them were genuinely interesting questions.

Per the request of our little audience here we’ve changed the names or left them anonymous.

  1. ‘What happens to your blood when you go to the doctor and they have to draw it. What happens to it after that.?”

-Nia, 28, Denver Colorado

2. ‘They say life isn’t a system but everything feels like it was designed. It feels like we were put here rather than suddenly popped up here so long ago. In my lifetime, I want to ask someone high up, how did we get here? They’ve probably known all along.’

-Ashley, 19, Salt Lake City

3. ‘When did politics become a tool of oppression?”

4. ‘Say we’re not alone out here and there are more of us or something that looks like us. What does that mean for what we know about ourselves? There was allot of chatter in 2020. How much more can they find before we acknowledge the obvious signs.”?

-Louise, 33, Berlin Germany

5. ‘It’s argued that when you go to sleep you dream. But what happens when that dream becomes a real life “vision” that ends in telling you to either do something or avoid something because you already know it before it happened.”?

Francois, 31, Paris France

*We’ve been down this road before ourselves. This is something we’ve always wondered.

6. ‘If God is real is he human or is he one of those species they are now saying likely lives in outer space? Was he ever real at all? What if he’s the very species we are trying to contact in outer space.’?

James & Tasha, 32 & 36 Atlanta Georgia

7. ‘Is death real.”? Although I’m half certain that it is I’ve always wondered. Is anyone for certain that we die? Or is that like many things in our lives an illusion of the reality we see through the scope of our eyeballs.”?

Anonymous, 31, Austin TX

8. The way they talk about mankind and such has always been super weird. They’ve never proven that Jesus is real although many believe in it. And that’s okay that’s not what this is about. It’s about the fact that they’ve never proven he’s real but they talk about us like “humans were designed to” “humans weren’t designed to do” and stuff along those lines. First they said we were the product of a man and a woman thousands of years ago, but then, in modern day will talk about us like we’re build-a-bears readily available for purchase. So which is it?’

Tara, 39, Southern California

9. This isn’t really a question but when are people going to wake up to the idea that ‘national security’ is just a way of saying “we’ve determined you’re not ready to know” what you’re looking to know. Why do you think they declassify stuff years later? It isn’t just because somebody named Johnny in a suit decides one day it is okay to tell people the truth.

George, 53, Washington D.C.

11. If we came from the cooch of some chick thousands of years ago, why, all of a sudden are they getting dangerously close to allegedly finding life in outer space? Eve is probably some lady living in a far off planet that just so happens to know we are here.

Mariah, 24, Miami Florida

12. Revisionism seems to be a large part of the reason why we don’t know exactly where we came from. Will it ever stop?

Tevin, 47, Detroit Michigan

13. When *not if* they suddenly find proof of life that didn’t originate from or with us — what people gonna do then? You thought life was crazy now wait until people find out inevitably that we are the aliens.

Daniel, 30, Buenos Aires Argentina

14. They hid those UFO videos for decades even though they know they were there and real. That’s all you need to know about the extent of the origins of life because the truth is hidden behind the CIA.

Marcy & Donovan, 26 & 33, Tacoma Washington

In our next Citizen series story we’re turning the tables on ourselves and answering the quirky questions readers ask us. To submit a question use the “help” box on the corner of this screen it will send a ticket up to one of us and we will gather your questions.

This question for this week was inspired by the recent discovery near Proxima Centauri, a discovery that suggests researchers may have found an alleged radio signal from something up there that was not one of us.

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