The NYPD has detained and arrested a man who is believed to be a part of the Proud Boys terrorist org


QUEENS, NEW YORK — In case you missed it this week a Queens man is headed for federal custody after apparently making very real threats and being a member of the terrorist organisation The Proud Boys. According to federal authorities, Eduard Florea was arrested in yesterday evening but it is just now making news. Florea per police was arrested at his home off of Elliot Avenue in Queens amid claims he was making threats to assassinate Pelosi; Schumer, and a host of other Democrats.

That list of Democrats included newly elected Raphael Warnock who is poised to assume office within days after defeating Kelly Loeffler in Georgia. Police found that he had made several credible threats to members of the House and Senate whereas they because of those threats reportedly found that he had hundreds of weapons; thousands of bullets, and more than 3 vehicles he had intended to use to storm the Capitol.

He was summoned to Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday where he remains and is facing very serious charges. Records show that Eduard is facing federal weapons charges because of his actions.

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