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Republicans are not only to blame but they flat out own the sedition that is underway in America

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Despite GOP efforts and those of their bare minimum Republican allies — they own this.

Let’s keep it completely frank; abuck, honest, straight forward, whatever the term one prefers to use. Let’s keep it real that the Republicans are not only to blame for the sedition that started yesterday, but, they single-handedly own the violence that came with it.

Wikipedia Commons – Mike Chitwoood / A historical advert from the Daytona Beach Police Department indicating that they supported hate crimes and violence against those they saw as non white.

A party that last year when protests against police brutality took off hinged somewhere between “riots” and “treason” now wants the world to forget (and quickly) that its most die-hard supporters committed the ultimate act of American betrayal.

The mantra of the GOP has always been white is right or else.

Allot of the blame sits at the doorstep of outgoing dictator Donald Trump although his cronies; allies, and his far-flung terrorist-like supporters are just as equally to blame as he is. His instigating; his heaping of praise, his outright dismissal of all things American morale over nothing more than the fact he lost and he couldn’t handle it until he was forced to do so.

Forced because there are now real talks to order the 25th amendment to remove Donald Trump from the White House. A move that would be significantly historic as it would be problematic for America on both a world stage and at home within its own borders.

Trump ‘s own pattern throughout life has been a criss-cross between sociopathic tendencies and that of a war criminal. When he became President, his lifelong beliefs had become apparent on a global stage. His taste for violence; racism, and the fact that he was willing to hurt anyone who dare get in his path. That last part America has now learned thanks to yesterday because in Trump ‘s world Americans will die if he does not get what he wants.

They claim that the GOP was once the party that freed non white people. So what in the hell happened?

What people have been shouting from the rooftops of America ‘s glitzy overpriced architecture for decades has now been seen with open eyes. The white people who subscribe to this agenda that we saw yesterday are dangerous. Not all white folks are members of this dangerous tribe — but those that are should not be given free reign to walk about like it is nothing. They are a danger to society; themselves, and anyone who is non-white.

To even think that these people and their terrorist mindsets are going to disappear without much of a problem likely means someone is just being dismissing to begin with. Trump ‘s supporters long for violence; the days that racism was ok, and the idea that laws don’t apparently apply to them but when a Black person gets involved it’s suddenly everybody fearing for their life.

What happened was the fact that those non white people got a little too much freedom for their liking.

Much of this violence can be traced back to the fact that despite the belief America ‘s racist and far-flung past never really vanished. What really happened was that laws changed; society evolved, and as a result of such these people were forced back into the shadows because they didn’t agree with a term they struggle with: change.

Trump’s supporters struggle with change because they’re raised by people who lived in the 19th century and never evolved themselves. They didn’t evolve because when society changed they themselves were 70 years old by that time and ran off into the backwoods of America. Truth be told, there are good Republicans in this world but these days they are far overshadowed by their treacherous counterparts.

Trump capitalized on this because he shares similar beliefs with the non-evolved members of American society. They argue that “America Was Great” okay so let’s talk about that. Trump capitalized on that because he needed a gullible section of America to lap up his conspiracy theories; his lies, his deceit, his hatred for anything and anyone different. He desperately needed that to happen so he could convince and blackmail his own party members to stand by him because he made others believe this conspiracy-theory-riddled section of America was somehow becoming the minority and was in grave danger to this day.

America was never great. At one point — Blacks couldn’t use the same bathrooms; movie theaters, or pretty much the same schools as white. Shortly before that time, for example, Black women like Rosa Parks were forced off of a bus because she was nothing more than a Black woman trying to get somewhere.

America was invading places left and right. Fast forward even to the 90’s and the early 2000 ‘s it still wasn’t great. The government illegally tricked Black people into buying drugs which led to the spruced up war-on-drugs. The government allowed Blackwater spies into Iran that resulted in dozens of deaths that were later ruled to be murders — but then Trump pardoned them and let them go. They later said that they did nothing wrong and believed the acted in greatness.

Ah — but let us not forget the dozens of Black people killed by the government and white people dating back centuries. George Floyd; Emmitt Till, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown Rodney King, Anthony Baez, The sheer list of modern day and previous lives lost at the hands of these people should be enough to land most of them in prison for the rest of their lives.

Because the crimes they commit; the racism they spew, the lies they tell, the fear they instill in others never ended. It just got more discreet because laws changed and parts of society attempted to evolve. An attempted evolution that was aimed at hoping people forgot about the horrors America committed against its own people.

Let me be totally fucking clear here. The only time America was ever great to these people was when they could openly discriminate; Lynch, murder, rape, disenfranchise on a grand scale, segregate, and live in their white utopias because they were taught to fear Black people.

Let’s talk about the time that white people lawfully got away with lynching Black people gleefully for nothing more than their existence. Let’s talk about the hundreds-of-years worth of slavery by the orders of white people and their counterparts.

Let’s talk about how the GOP claims to have at one point been the good party and the Democrats were the pro-slavery party.

So I ask this with the utmost straight-forwardness, what the fuck happened to your party? Because you are no longer the good party that some of your members claim you to be.

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