Report: Trump supporters are being placed on the no fly list


A startling report and series of videos out this week appears to suggest that Trump supporters are being placed on the federal no fly list. According to The Mail, one in particular appears to have found out the hard way after showing up at the D.C airport to find out he cannot fly because he is barred.

We’ve reached out to TSA to confirm the report and whether or not people are actually being banned from the flights as thre are currently conflicting reports.

In one instance that was captured on video, the unidentified Trump supporter appears to get into several shouting matches with others in the airport. One woman eve ngoes on to tell him that she was booted from a Delta flight but was not sure what had happened.

‘This is what they do to us,’ he screams through sobs in front of a crowd of travelers waiting at a gate. ‘They kicked me off the plane, they called me a f***ing terrorist and they want to f***ing ruin my life!’

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