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Parler is back and this time it is hosted by men with heavy links to Russia

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Controversial right-wing website Parler (who is perhaps best known for hosting content by extremists at this point) is believed to be back online or getting close to such a feat. According to their website, the website itself is back online via a host known as DDOS-GUARD. While the content and such isn’t quite back online yet, the server itself is back online but it comes with a heavy caveat for users.

According to records (that’s the phonebook of the internet for those that don’t know) Parler is now hosted by DDOS-GUARD. The company is indeed a company with heavy links to Russia as it is ran by two reported men believed to be of Russian descent. Multiple reports put the company and the two men in a Russian town known as Rostov-on-Don.

Their choice of hosting services are concerning because the host in question does not comply with requests for removals. So if and when Parler fully returns they will be able to host whatever; whoever, and however they’d like whether it results in more violence or not.

Editors note: is a far-right domain registrant company that has hosted numerous illegal websites; content, and once hosted a website that mocked Heather Heyer the woman who was murdered during a previous Unite The Right Rally. This is a dangerous company that likely will not comply with any orders to remove illegal content or those in which promote or talk about more violence in America. DDOS-GUARD; Epik, and Bitmitigate all pretty much have a cozy relationship. traces back to a company known as Bitmitgate in Vancouver Washington.

Cognitive Cloud LP per records is the company name in which appears to own the hosting company they’ve now decided to use. It is exponentially an odd choice to give Russian ‘s control of Parler considering these people call themselves Patriots.

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