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Joe Biden; Lauren Wolfe, and the Sudden Conservative Anger popping up everywhere

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With the inauguration of Joe Biden came the idea that conservatives suddenly can use their anger as a prop against anyone and anything that they don’t like. Anger fueled by right-wing conspiracy theories; hate, and the unfounded belief that Joe Biden somehow managed to steal the election.

Conservative anger seems to be the new American tool being used to fire people. This week alone people have also been let go from places like Fox News amid conservative anger that their anchors just aren’t right-wing enough.

Over the weekend, a popular American journalist by the name of Lauren Wolfe was fired abruptly after tweeting that she alike many others had “chills” over Biden ‘s inauguration. It must be understood that the tweet contained no mention of anything else other than “chills.”

The anger over the apparent tweet came swiftly. Conservatives quickly took to Twitter arguing that Wolfe was “no longer impartial’ and apparently a left-wing hack. Again it must be noted that the tweet contained no mention of personal politics.

Particularly the anger appears solely at the hands of conservatives who argue that the media does not represent them. While that may be true in some cases, it is unfair to call just about anyone who is non-extreme-conservative “illiterate” and “unbiased.”

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