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In dramatic twist, Mike Lindell spent his week trying to cause as much panic as possible

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The scary fact is that big business at least in partial part is still trying to help Trump achieve his wildest dictator like dream: a coup before the eyes of America not in the sense of protecting American Democracy but rather himself from the ultimate destruction.

In a matter of days, Donald Trump and his family will now be open to the very likely possibility of criminal prosecution for the unbelievable number of alleged and all but proven crimes they’ve committed over the past four years and even before. In part, this is perhaps where people like Mike Lindell come in because they to believe that Trump is some sort of god-like thespian from a really bad altered-like universe novel written by an evil minded author.

But he isn’t. But presumably due to business interests; likely business liabilities and Trump-connections, Lindell isn’t quite ready to divorce Trump just yet and that was clear during his latest WH visit. A visit that bizarrely saw Lindell show up with a series of notes indicating that somebody in Trump ‘s camp has thrown around the term martial law more times than we’d like to comfortably write here.

Martial law of course would likely be the only way at this point that Trump could have ever actually overturned anything let alone having achieved such this late in the game. But the idea that a pillow salesman had these notes indicates an operation that might just be far more crazier than many previously believed. A pillow salesman had a set of notes I repeat that just because of how bizarre this has come to sound — a pillow salesman had notes demanding that America be illegally plunged into martial law.

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