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#Dogecoin has soared and stood, here’s what you need to know

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Having started as a joke meme about a Shiba Inu Dog, Dogecoin is now a very real thing despite the jokes that come with it. Yesterday as the Gamestop trend came, Dogecoin came right behind it with record surges.

For starters on Wednesday the coin was trading for just a cent or two. As of 0648 EST the coin is now trading for just below 5 cents — a record first for something that was not initially meant to be a real thing.

The losses so far have been timid. We’ve held our spot on #Dogecoin since last night and the return has come back just as fast as it was lost. It is safe to hold the Doge, throw in what you can spare to lose and leave it there. That is what makes the price go up and in return makes your returns go higher.

Dogecoin is trading for all of about 5 cents so unless you go head first and tens of thousands of them you are likely safe to wager a crypto-stock on them.

Doge as of 29 January 2021 0655. We started with an investment of roughly $90.

This was Dogecoin last night and likely will be again as the world wakes up once more and it continues.

This was Dogecoin around 8-9pm last night…

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