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Despite claims otherwise, Parler says it has begun to remove posts calling for violence

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Controversial terrorism-enabling social network appears to have partially caved. According to Mediaite, the social network has begun to remove posts related to those that were calling for violence against Mike Pence and others. It is believed to be one of the first of many steps to come for the social network as it fights for its right to be online.

Parler ‘s CEO told the site that some of those posts were particularly those from Lin Wood who had called for Pence ‘s offing by firing squad. It is the first known time the Parler has ever taken a stance against one of its GOP members.

Meanwhile Wood maintained Sunday night to CNN that he made no threat of violence despite the obvious being pretty clear.

“I have reliable evidence that Pence has a engaged in acts of treason. My comments were rhetorical hyperbole. Any journalist should understand that concept. If my information is accurate, law enforcement will address what punishment, if any, should be administered to Pence as they do with all criminals,” Wood said.

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