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@Delta just banned 880 Trump supporters and placed them on the no-fly list

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Trump supporters are learning the hard way about causing problems on airlines. According to multiple reports published on Thursday, Delta has banned scores of people from ever flying again.

The airline confirmed the controversial move on Thursday as more and more businesses are choosing to turn away from Trump supporters and the movement that nearly brought the Capitol Complex down. Delta says that per reports the passengers will remain on the list indefinitely.

Delta was not pleased to have been the airline of choice by Trump supporters when they decidedly last week chose to harass Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham. Despite how one may see politicians — it is a federal offense to cause any form of a major disturbance aboard a flight.

Part of the move comes from the fact what you see below happened on one of their flights. Video has been credited as seen in other outlets to the Twitter user responsible for the video.

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