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Corporate donors are cutting off U.S lawmakers from their checkbooks, demanding $ back over the Capitol attacks

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Scores of companies both big and small are doing something many of them probably should’ve done a long time ago. On Monday, it was confirmed that more than a dozen companies are pulling the plug via their checkbooks and stopping politically charged donations all together. Some are demanding their money back others are refusing to open their wallets ever again — particularly for those who failed to certify Joe Biden ‘s win.

Among the companies pulling the plug: AT&T; Hallmark, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Dow, American Express, and Airbnb. They will expressly stop donating to the candidates involved.

Thus the following companies: Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Boston Scientific, Citi, JPMorgan Chase, and BP. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft will stop all donations outright as a whole.

Axios reports that Hallmark has demanded its own $7,000 donation back in response to the Capitol attacks.

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