After Capitol police crises, scores of officers facing mass arrests for betraying their literal oath

The quest to identify and prosecute the Capitol officers pictured in multiple videos during the siege appears to be taking flight. According to reports, FBI officials have taken at least 15 Capitol officers into custody for questioning with at least one facing arrest and major charges. It is widely believed that part of the reason why the Capitol Complex terrorist attack was able to actually happen is because Capitol officers didn’t care.

One of the most notable moments of such happened to be captured by journalist Timothy Burke — which quickly went viral online and further illustrated the idea that police officers are turning their backs on Americans.

House lawmakers are helping FBI officials lead the charge to arrest and charge members of the mob that invaded the Capitol. Most have forgotten the tidbit that the Capitol has not been invaded since 1814 marking a grim milestone in U.S history as only the 2nd time such has ever happened.

On the other side of the coin, Capitol cop Eugene Goodman is being hailed as a reported hero. He can be seen in this photo guiding people while running away from the mob trying to get people to safety.

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