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A British schoolgirl, 12, was “gang raped” by teens after being lured to sex abuse hotspot: Police

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Police in Knowsley, Merseyside, have confirmed that a major investigation is underway after a 12-year-old local girl was gang raped by a group of teenagers. Police say that the unidentified youngster was lured from the care home she lived inside of in the area to a nearby “hotspot” that has as of late become known for being a place where people are sexually assaulted.

The girl, whom we aren’t allowed to name, is believed to have been living in care via a home for orphans in Lancashire. The home the girl was living in is now also under investigation as police have criticized the massive failure on behalf of officials to safeguard the well-being of the young girl.

Records show that the girl has gone through an extraordinary bout oof hardships throughout her life making the tragedy even worse than before. Reports show that she’s lived in 14 addresses; 4 different primary schools, before she was placed in the current home she’s in.

Police records show that at least two other young girls have been charged as a result of the investigation. The Daily News has learned that the two young girls allegedly led the victim to the wooded area whereas they set her up for the assault.

The Lancashire Police released the following statement over the weekend to multiple outlets across the region.

“The public quite rightly expects us to protect children from being exploited and while we have been recognised nationally in leading the way with innovative methods in tackling child sexual exploitation, we are not complacent and it remains a strong priority for us.

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