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Some Republicans in America are now pushing for a secession because of Trump ‘s election loss

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A handful of Republicans including Rush Limbaugh are floating an idea so bizarre that if it were to actually happen — America would be through as we know it to exist today. Trump has spent most of his week lambasting election officials; Georgia ‘s Brian Kemp, PA election officials, and almost anyone who appeals to him to accept his obvious election loss and move on.

Nearly all of the Republican led efforts have been thrown out of various courts on grounds that have absolutely no grounds to begin with.

That hasn’t happened. Instead Republicans and GOP leaders are urging the idea of a secession to break apart from states they say are ran by Democratic leftist leaders. On one hand such an idea would stop the proliferation of extreme right-wing ideas into mainstream cities. On another hand it would sow more division than most people probably imagined existed today.

Mediate reports that the move is gaining discussion among staunch hardline Trump supporters. Some of these supporters have harped on social media that allot of the reason they’re upset about the election loss is because they feel it was stolen. Republicans have spent the month derailing or attempting to derail legitimate election results as ultimately chosen by the American people.


The calls for secession come amid a bizarre lawsuit led by Texas that claims Texas has the authority to act on behalf of other states in a far-flung effort to overturn the election results. In that lawsuit, Texas ‘s AG is attempting to have the election thrown out entirely and to stop electors from doing their constitutionally required duty.

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By Kory Karmikle

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