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Not so fast on that COVID-19 relief bill, Americans are getting bamboozled and bamboozled hard

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The much discussed COVID-19 relief bill is about to be voted on but uh Americans might want to pay close attention to what we’re about to share with you. In the monster 5,000 page bill, it is abundantly clear that our American friends are getting played by the government. In the middle of a pandemic; arguments by the GOP that the small payments to Americans are already to generous, and one Mitch McConnell with his claims that such aren’t cost-effective — turns out there’s more to the story.

According to the massive bill, there is quite literally billions of dollars going to foreign powers; Israel, Cambodia, an apparent Asian resource project (we’re not entirely sure what that actually is), and various other causes around the world. While that seems generous and all, perhaps, many are now begging the question: what about Americans?

Let’s dig deeper. In one notable page of the bill, any form of illegal streaming would now be considered a felony (although we were under the impression that such already was in the U.S.)

But it doesn’t stop there. The bill would also establish a small-claims like process within the U.S Copyright Office. Whilst that may seem like a grand idea, uh, that could easily backfire and result in unintended consequences for Americans. It among other things are just some of the wild things that lawmakers are attempting to throw into a bill literally related to pandemic relief but instead became an all out war on American society.

But it also doesn’t stop there. Most of you might be unfamiliar with this one but never fear we’ll explain it to you. In Hollywood, there is something known as Section 181. Section 181 (which is a reference to the apparent tax code of sorts aimed at Hollywood) provides tax deductions for TV and film production costs related to productions. Entertaining heavyweights apparently sought and lobbyed for an extension of the section which was due to expire at the end of the year. In this bill, they’d get an extension of said tax cuts/deductions for the next five years.

Aha, it only gets worse from there on. According to the Intercept, there are further parts of the bill that as you guessed further enrich the lives of those in Washington. The bill also includes additional stipends and doubles the budget for the exclusive healthcare clinic used by Members of Congress. Per the bill, that would be upwards of $5m.

Interestingly enough, frontline healthcare workers and such were left out entirely in the final version of the bill (but ya know Congress gets another boost as usual in ordinary America.)

But we’re not done. Business executives would now be able to get a tax deduction based on the fact they’re going out to fancy lunches and mealtimes (no joke.) Known as the apparent “Three Martini Rule” or deducation this is actually a thing and appears to have been sought by the GOP.

You can view the full bill by clicking here.

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