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Nashville Bombing: Here’s what we know so far according to local authorities

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Editors note: Earlier this morning, downtown Nashville was the site of a car bombing that authorities now say was indeed intentional. As of 10:00 am this morning, federal authorities have been called in to investigate a potential terror attack in Nashville.

Facebook / Buck McCoy

What is known so far:

  • Shortly after 6:30 am, police say a suspicious car entered the area around 2nd avenue in downtown Nashville. It is unclear whether or not someone may have seen the person in the vehicle prior to the explosion or sometime earlier this morning. Initial reports suggested that the car was actually an RV, but, that has not been confirmed by authorities or the FBI.
  • UPDATE: 11:57 am EST – It has now been confirmed that the vehicle indeed appears to have been an RV (See below)
  • The explosion caused significant damage but no serious injuries to anyone nearby. Multiple social media users in the area report that they felt the blast miles away.
  • The FBI is now investigating the bombing which indicates a potential terror plot of some kind.
  • Three people have been hospitalized but they’re not believed to be in serious condition.
  • So far nobody has claimed responsibility on social media including Twitter; Facebook, Telegram or Whatsapp groups, or local media channels according to what we could find.

We’re following this story and will update this page as we learn more from the police in Nashville and the Fire Department.

EDITORS UPDATE: On Christmas evening it has since been revealed by Nashville police that they believe they’ve found human remains near the site of the explosion. It is unclear any information beyond that fact right there. As a result of the bombing, there is now a mandated curfew in the area. It is still unclear whether or not this was a single bombing or there may be more on the horizon.

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