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Morning Mix: America has been hacked; we’ve got a Medium blog, and more

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This edition of Morning Mix is brought to you by Bazaar Daily Online (the arm of our news agency that now carries our service on In this edition, it’s jam packed as usual. So tuck in; grab your cat, and sip that homeade latte (slowly, it might be hot.)

  1. We’re on

We’ve launched a version of our newspaper. This does not mean that our newspaper is going anywhere, we’ve just added a Medium version of it for those who want to support us on there. It’s much appreciated.

2. America has been hacked, likely by the Russians

This week — the public learned that for months the Russians and their “Bear” hackers allegedly compromised America months ago. However it came out only a week ago that those hackers gained access to central parts of the government including the treasury. It remains unclear exactly as to what they were after but confidential information is believed to have been stolen. It comes just weeks ahead of Biden’s arrival in the WH but as of now no formal admission from the Russians at all.

3. The Trump Org has been ordered to turn over documents to NY’s AG

A stunning decision by a judge has landed the Trump Org in hot water. According to CNN, a judge has ruled that a series of documents as demanded by Letitia James (the AG of New York) must be given to her office. The documents are believed to be related to Trump ‘s business dealings and that of the long suspected allegations of fraud.

4. There’s an odd thing going on in Paris that we just can’t wrap our heads around

Apparently in France it is illegal to higher large numbers of women even if there are men present. This week — the Parisian government learned that they must pay $110,000 in fines for having 11 female employees and only 5 male employees. The larger government claims that such has caused a gender imbalance which they say is against the law. As puzzling as it is, the local government has confirmed that they intend to pay the fine.

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