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A Black woman’s house was raided in a botched raid by Chicago police, the bodycam footage has now been released

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Adding to the long list of police offenses in 2020 — Chicago police desperately tried to get this footage out of the hands of news stations. Having failed doing that, er, the footage aired on local T.V stations in Chicago this week. The footage reportedly shows one Anjanette Young in her home being confronted at the door with a dozen armed officers and a search warrant. The problem is that cops had the wrong home but made no effort to verify such before handcuffing her naked all of which was caught on bodycam footage.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Young filed a complaint in 2019 against the police for unlawful detainment and obviously forcing their way into the wrong home. It is unclear the status of the complaint. A judge however recently ruled that the Chicago PD ‘s attempt to block the release of this footage be denied, in part, because the station was not involved in an apparent agreement when Young was given the video in the first place.

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