Month: December 2020

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Today the U.K is officially on its own as its divorce from Europe is finalized

The New Year in the U.K isn't just the New Year it is also the beginning of a new chapter. Beginning now the U.K the U.K is officially no longer a member of the EU bloc although does reportedly have a trade deal. As of now it remains sort of unclear just how the new scenario will play out for the United Kingdom. According to Boris Johnson the U.K will now be a "open, generous, outward-looking, internationalist and free trading" country that is "free to do things differently, and if necessary better" than the EU. "We have our freedom in our hands and it is up to us to make the most of it," Johnson said during his New Year's address. Whether that will remain true can only be seen as time goes on.
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The GOP ‘s election moves are becoming a little more clear and they’re dangerous

Dangerous because the precedent that it would set would mean that Democracy as its was designed would be effectively over in the United States. First ignited by Senator Josh Hawley, er, it now appears that a host oof other Senators are either taking sides or flat out rejecting the idea all together. That idea being the far-flung but only symbolic move of refusing to vote in certification of Joe Biden 's election win in no less than a week or so. Following Hawley 's not-so-shocking announcement (which was quickly chided by even the likes of Wal-Mart) his fellow Republicans chimed in on his dangerous ploy to disenfranchise millions of Americans because of a personal vendetta. It comes as the GOP 's from the top vendetta against the American people becomes more clear as the days go on...
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#HappyNewYear from The Daily News to you and your families

We'd like to take just a moment to wish our many readers; their families, friends, and loved ones a Happy New Year. 2020 is officially over tonight (thank goodness) that means we can never speak about her again. This year was not the year at all and we should just leave her behind. But as go into the New Year let's take a moment to reflect on 2020 for one of the few things that matter. To the many people who lost a loved one in 2020 due to the Coronavirus, we mourn alongside you. We mourn with you because the loss of life was and still is inexcusable as this was preventable. Our hearts go out to those who have lost and to those who are struggling both literally and mentally during the ongoing pandemic. Seriously if we could virtually hug all of you at once we would. Hap...
2020 U.S Elections

Vulnerable GA Senator David Perdue now in quarantine amid exposure to infected person

Looks like David Perdue is out for the rest of the 2020 GA Senate race amid reports that he has been quarantined. According to the AP, Perdue 's campaign has confirmed that he is in quarantine following exposure to a campaign aide that tested positive for the Coronavirus.  "This morning, Senator Perdue was notified that he came into close contact with someone on the campaign who tested positive for COVID-19," the Perdue campaign's statement said. "Both Senator Perdue and his wife tested negative today, but following his doctor’s recommendations and in accordance with CDC guidelines, they will quarantine."
Guest Columns

Guest Column: My Best Friend’s Dad is a U.S Senator, he’s also secretly gay and paying men for sex

Editors Note: For obvious reasons we cannot reveal the identity of the author of this article given that we were able to verify that they are indeed close with the child of a U.S Senator. Names have been redacted from this guest-article to prevent accidental identification of the Senator involved or the party who revealed this wild story. This column is part of our internal poll we took of our users in which we asked them to share the wildest stories they've experienced throughout the end of 2019 (when the virus took hold) until now. Having grown up in Washington D.C, I have had my fair share of political associations and sidekicks simply for having gone to the same schools as other people. Now 28 I work as a political operative of sorts for the Republican Party of ...
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My Dad left my Mom for his brother but then left his brother for her cousin and now they’re married

Editors Note: This guest column contains references to incest relationships which are controversial, thus, still somewhat common today. The views contained in this guest editorial do not represent the views of The Daily News or its editorial staff. In some parts of the world and the U.S incest is still very much illegal -- while in others it is alive and well. You could easily argue that my relationship with my father has always been controversial. His family is from the backwoods of America, indeed, the part of the country where they believe almost anything told to them so long as it came from a white person in power. He has always had some twisted views on the world, notably, that anyone who isn't white likely doesn't come from earth and if they do they should be imprisone...

A NYC landlord couldn’t evict his tenants so he allegedly burnt down the house with them inside of it

Talk about cruel intentions. According to FDNY and several media reports, police are still investigating a suspicious housefire that recently occurred in Queens. That housefire, indeed, now appears to have been intentionally set as accelerant has been found on gloves that were near the home. Some believe that the landlord (living up to fully NY reputation here) was pissed that he couldn’t evict and decided to do the unthinkable. Editors note: This story appears to have first been reported by the New York Post, but because of an editorial directive, we aren’t allowed to link to the Post due to their shoddy editorial practices and negligence. Media reports show that Eric Chen, who appears to be the owner of  90-31 48th Ave, is now under serious investigation in relation to the crim...
Fresh News

Congressman-elect Luke Letlow backed early ending of lockdowns, often didn’t wear masks in typical GOP fashion

Luke Letlow, 41, died this week from complications of COVID-19 a disease he partially did not take seriously mostly in typical GOP fashion. Following his death, the internet took itself by storm trying to figure out how Letlow died but then it became apparent. These images all appear to be from his then Facebook according to multiple reports. In the weeks leading up to his death, Letlow was often seen hosting even outdoor masks in close vicinity of others without a mask. Sometimes he, according to what was his own Facebook page, would wear masks for indoor events but that was not always the case. In October, alike his then GOP counterparts Letlow advertised the idea that states should ease their lockdowns and reopen their economies. A feat commonly advertised by the GOP despi...
America ‘s most notorious serial killer, Samuel Little, has finally met his fate behind bars
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America ‘s most notorious serial killer, Samuel Little, has finally met his fate behind bars

Samuel Little -- believed to be the most if not one of the most notorious serial killers in U.S history has died. According to prison officials in California, the monster-killer who previously confessed to more than 93 murders passed away on Wednesday hours before New Years Eve was set to take hold in the U.S. Little had been suffering from heart trouble and diabetes at the time of his death according to what was previously known about him. He was believed to be vividly disturbed and considered dangerous even behind bars. The killers, per historical police records, were carried out between the 1970 's and 2005. Little didn't just kill a few times he would go on what would become of a decades-long murder spree that led to his life sentence.
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Tiffany Pollard appears to be transphobic as hell and it absolutely is not cool at all

Because let's make something abundantly clear -- we stand tall with our brothers and sisters who fall on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. We particularly were befuddled to see this clip of Pollard absolutely shock the world while doing so. The clip appears to be from a show on the Zeus Network although that same network isn't known for being gay or spectrum friendly. The video first surfaced on Twitter although we've also added it to this page in the event it disappears. https://twitter.com/0pvlent/status/1344321952878571520 We've since obtained a copy of her apology.
U.S Politics

Because of the COVID relief bill, America just edged closer to discovering whether or not aliens are real

Thanks to a little noticed provision in the spending/COVID relief bill it turns out the intelligence community has a new time table. A time table that will now force the community to turn over everything it has to numerous House and Senate committees on UFOs and the already real sightings of apparent aerial objects. In the set of bills, a provision lays out that the intelligence community now has 180 calendar days from the day it became law to submit the documents. The move signals that the intelligence community must turn over the documents as means as to that select government committees can then begin the attempt to become more transparent with the American public. More than ever before, the American public for a multitude of reasons has close to no trust in the government. ...
Guest Columns

Guest Column: What it’s like being mentally ill during the pandemic, and how I learned to make it work for me

Editors note: This guest column references disabilities; social net programmes, and more. The views expressed in this article have been verified for accuracy in reference to these programs and how they work. The views of the author themselves do not directly reflect those of The Daily News, although, we do sympathize with the disabled community as a whole. ——————- When the pandemic struck I was in the midst of finding out that I as what should’ve been a grown and fairly young man had debilitating mental illnesses that otherwise would soon prevent me from ever having a 9-5 job again. Some of those mental illnesses were brought on by a number of sexual assaults, particularly, one that almost left me for dead and with an unrelenting fear of men. A fear of men that became so st...
Wal-Mart rightfully  called  crackpot Senator Josh Hawley a sore loser  and it was awesome
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Wal-Mart rightfully called crackpot Senator Josh Hawley a sore loser and it was awesome

Wal-Mart 's social media team rightfully needs a raise considering at least somebody at Wal-Mart has the balls to carry out confrontation with the GOP. In a tweet storm that was ignited on Wednesday, the Arkansas based retailer rightfully referred to Josh Hawley as a sore loser. Hawley, is the sole Republican right now guaranteeing that he will object to the Electoral College certification next week. The comments came amid reports that Hawley intends to vote against the certification of election results in January. A move that is based entirely on baseless allegations of voter fraud only because Donald Trump lost.
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Answering some of your FAQ ‘s sent to our fan-mail inbox

In this week 's fan question box (we have an e-mail dedicated to that) we received a host of questions about our business model and how we managed to get it off the ground. The truth is our business model we don't actually have one. The only form of a business model that we have is consistency; productivity, and otherwise employee happiness. Contrary to popular belief, we aren't owned by what is called Newspaper Newsgroup Limited (pretty sure that's there name.). We are owned by a group of private citizens who have no corporate interests; no ties to dark money, and otherwise are about as regular as one might expect. That has accounted for much of our success because they've banned corporate money; power players, and the like from ever taking control of this agency. Another l...
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