Trump is having a meltdown because #DiaperDon is trending

IN TYPICAL Trump fashion — Trump kicked off his holiday weekend in the midst of a major meltdown. On Friday, #DiaperDon began trending on American social media site The result of course is more false claims by Trump that is in some way rigged against anyone who disagrees with him.

Trump used the tweet storm as means to once again call for the repeal of Section 230 — a section of the Communications Decency Act that makes it impossible for tech websites to be held accountable or sued in the name of wrongful content uploaded to their sites. Repealing that part of the act entirely likely would dramatically alter the internet — because nutjobs would be able to claim and sue for almost anything.

The claims didn’t stop there though. In also usual Trump fashion, he tweeted a link to a Federalist article from a right-wing reporter. The Federalist for those that don’t know is about as credible as Breitbart.

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