Trump Admin readying new law that would greenlight executions by firing squad

In a move that most probably associate with third world countries or that of China — death by firing squad could soon be coming back to the U.S. While certain states have always allowed such — it has hardly ever been a way of federal execution in the U.S.

In fact, the mere idea of it is is so bizarre critics are scratching their heads at the announcement from the DOJ. According to the DOJ, a new rule is pending in the federal register that would allow federal inmates to be executed by firing squad. More so, executed by firing squad in the event that they can’t get their hands on the already hard-to-come-by lethal injection drugs.

The New York Times reports that crooked states like Utah already allow such, although, it is very rarely ever happened. The new rule would also offer a dramatic change to executions being challenged as that would then become impossible for inmates to do. Of course, it would have to bypass state inspectors in order to apparently take place.

Inmates would be unable to challenge their execution by firing squad if at any further date injection drugs wouldn’t be available.

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