T.V Time: What is the “Norovirus” as described in Netflix ‘s — The Barrier?

Following our T.V recommendation on Netflix ‘s The Barrier —- many of you have already e-mailed in response asking what in the world is the norovirus. As it turns out — that isn’t some made up virus that happens to be on a T.V show. In fact the norovirus has appeared before in real life on a number of instances.

According to the World Health Organisation, the Norovirus is exactly as it is played out in the shockingly dysoptian hit. The virus has some pretty uncommon side effects and usually is transmitted by the fecal-oral route (I know that sounds pretty bizarre but it happens.)

The virus can also be transmitted by human vomit (as seen in one of the scenes within the show where the man barfs on the house servant to the Minister.)

The virus is believed to account for more than 200,000 deaths a year and more than 685m cases worldwide. Presently, in the United States alone it is the cause of at least half of all foodborne diseases known to date.

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