Pompeo says the only transition of power will be to a 2nd Trumpian term

Despite the obvious that Donald Trump has lost the U.S 2020 Election, his cabinet members appear to be hellbent on an attempted coup that may go down in history as one of the darkest times ever. According to current Sec of State Mike Pompeop, and we’re not kidding here, he says the only transition of power will actually be that of a Trumpian 2nd term rather than handing the power to Biden.

The struggle of power is a clear demonstration of Trump ‘s obvious fear that he will now subject to the gaining and mounting legal troubles waiting for him post 20 January 2021. The day Biden is inaugurated is apparently a day that even the Sec of State certainly dreads.

Like many have pointed out, there has never been such a blatant attempt at a coup in the United States before.

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