No politics; no news, just friendly pictures of my animals to spread some joy


Readers have asked if I have animals at home and whether or not I’d be comfortable sharing images of my fur babies (and fish.) As a result, I thought of something pleasant that might help lighten the mood in a new series. Each day we’ll share something about ourselves or something we find interesting on the internet. No politics; no news, just a feel good moment.

I hope these pictures of my animals bring you as much joy as they do me having them in my home. The grey cat’s name is Cartier Bijoux (yes after the million-dollar jewel); Grizabella Blanco (the multi-coloured), and my fish’s name is well I haven’t gotten that far yet.

As someone who lives far from my family, I’ve found especially now that my animals and my fish are complimentary to my mental health and survival during the pandemic. I’ve found that simply having my furry and aquatic friends quite literally just makes me happy — especially in the moments that I realize that it’s a pandemic and I am 75% alone.

My cats are having the times of their lives because I’ve started to not only renovate; but paint my kitchen, and there’s obviously presents being wrapped. Any cat owner knows that catws for some odd reason love wrapping paper.

Pro tip: Yes, I have an artificial Christmas tree obviously because I have two cats.

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