New lockdown restrictions for NYC apparently on the way: De Blasio

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There might be trouble brewing in New York City and reason enough for some to pay attention. According to Mayor De Blasio ‘s office, the city of New York is failing to contain the spread of the Coronavirus more than it previously did earlier this year. Failing so much that the apparent positivity rate has now sped past 2.88% — a milestone that appears to be prepared to trigger potentially significant lockdowns again. The rolling weekly average was about 2.38% as of Tuesday afternoon.

As a result of that — De Blasio now says that new lockdown restrictions are being discussed among city and state officials. The new restrictions come amid apparent government fears that the virus could spiral out of control again — and if it does NYC would likely be doomed.

‘Obviously if that goes to 3 percent, schools would go all remote for a period of time,’ de Blasio said of the rolling seven-day average. 

‘I think there would be real concern about whether you can have businesses open on the same scale they are open now,’ he continued. ‘You could see restrictions in certain industries. You could see full scale closure. You could see a limit on hours. All these things are possible.’ 

The city is unaware particularly of where exactly the new cases are coming from however chalked them up partially to social gatherings and nursing homes. De Blasio made no mention of protests; the Biden celebrations, or any of those particular gatherings.

‘And of course the most horrible dilemma, the most horrible consequence: starting to lose lives on a large scale, particularly our elders,’ de Blasio said. ‘This is our last chance to stop a second wave. If we aren’t able to stop it, there will clearly be lots of consequences that will remind us to much of where we were before.’

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The limit on cases before restrictions universally become imposed is reportedly set at 200 cases a day. NYC is roughly at about 92 as of this writing.

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