Against the backdrop of corruption, Carrie Lam is bragging to the world about her mountains of cash

Turns out being a corrupt Chinese politican pays pretty well. According to Carrie Lam, the chief executive of Hong Kong, she’s got piles of cash in her house but has no active bank account. Contrary to what many probably believed — one cannot actually have a bank account if they’ve been sanctioned by a foreign power.

In an interview that aired over the weekend, Lam confirmed that she holds massive amounts of cash in her home and conducts all transactions as such. Because of the sanctions, Lam is also forbidden from using credit cards because allot of them have to do with Visa and Mastercard unless they’re directly issued by a financial power in China.

Lam told the interviewer that as as a result of the sanctions she is “honoured’ to have them because she doesn’t believe that they are valid.

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