Month: November 2020

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QUEER JAPAN takes audiences on an enduring virtual vacation

Take a Virtual Vacation to Queer JapanAcclaimed Documentary Shines a LightOn the Spectrum of Life in the Island NationOpens Nationwide via Theatrical-at-Home & On-Demand December 11th from Altered Innocence."The people we meet in Queer Japan represent a powerful cross-section of LGBTQ life… a cry for the absolute freedom of identity" -- Variety"An engagingly colorful panorama" -- The Hollywood Reporter"a moment in time that future generations will treasure" -- Eye for FilmLos Angeles, CA - Following a successful run on the global film festival circuit, Altered Innocence has announced the North American release of Graham Kolbeins' feature debut Queer Japan.  The colorful and vibrant documentary will be available in the US and Canada December 11th via Theatrical At Home and on Digital H...

Movie Time: Melissa McCarthy stars in #SuperIntelligence the most uncomfortable funny movie you’ll see this year

HBO Max is back with their latest offering and it is a creepishly awkward sendoff to the future that awaits us if A.I continues to sort of gain speed like it does now. Not that A.I is a bad thing but it most certainly is something that should be checked and kept in the right hands at all times. Comments: While delightful; enduring, and funny at times Superintelligence certainly poses the question about whether or not humanity is ready for its own reckoning with the rise of artificial intelligence. Because, well, it's definitely coming whether people want to admit it or not. Carol (played by McCarthy) is a delightful city slicker with a love for animals and life. Working as a pet caretaker in the city, McCarthy accidentally finds herself immersed with an artificially smart d...
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The stunning yet mysterious story of D.B Cooper and the case that was never solved

D.B Cooper is a nickname given to an unidentified man that by all accounts remains history 's smartest criminal. HBO Max recently unveiled a documentary on the hijacking that occurred at the hands of the mystery man -- a hijacking and a case that remains the only unsolved case of air piracy ever. It is unknown whether D.B Cooper survived or if he did when he famously parachuted out of a Boeing plane and was never seen again. There has long been some questionable things floating around D.B ranging from the identity of the suspects to the factt that nobody knows who actually committed the crime. Notably, as witnessed in the documentary, one of the suspects may have been a man who was born a woman and may have had a sex change in order to pull off the crime. On 24 Novemb...
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Rita Snora slammed for violating lockdown rules to throw birthday party

Because ya know the rules don't apply to Snora. Over the weekend, Rita appeared to flout literally every lockdown rule to throw a party in Nottingham at a popular restaurant (that we aren't going to name here.) Reports of the party attracted widespread criticism with her now claiming that it was a lapse in judgement. The Sun got the first photos of Ora in Nottingham with quite a few others that obviously weren't in her household.
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Scientists have found something potentially alarming in space, here’s what you need to know

Editors note: This article is part of on ourgoing coverage of outer space and the buttload of discoveries that they’ve made in 2020 alone. This article contains references to a few things —- and we’d like to make it clear that scientists and researchers are still confirming what they’ve found. When and if confirmed, however, it will rewrite physics as we know it. Thanksgiving weekend turned up some interesting headlines for sure, but, this particular one people should probably pay attention because of the sheer capacity in which it could change a few things. Researchers revealed on Sunday that they’ve discovered a weird light moving its way through the Universe above us — a light that if they think it’s what they think it is could potentially rewrite particle physics as we know it. ...
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Darth Vader has died

Dave Prowse, the original man behind the iconic character of Darth Vader, has died at the age of 85. According to Prowse's agent (via CNN), Prowse died at home after a short illness. Prowse was famously born in Bristol England in 1935 and went on to have a successful weightlifting career. Then the 6-foot-6 actor would go on to meet none other than George Lucas, whereas, he would land the role of the villainous Darth Vader.

Serial cheater Tristan Thompson is officially an American

Because nothing could be more suiting for the master manipulator. According to the United States Citizenship Office, Tristan Thompson has officially become a U.S citizen formally cementing his right to live in the United States. The news comes just a week after Thompson signed a $19m deal with the Boston Celtics to play Basketball again.
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#ShopBlack Introducing a fab American clothing brand Culture Extended by Jarrod from S.C

It's Sunday morning here and we're preparing to do some of our own #ShopBlack articles following suit behind our American sister site which did theirs last night. In this issue, we're profiling Jarrod from South Carolina who created and founded his clothing brand Culture Extended. Culture Extended is equal part streetwear as it is cozy and comfortable. Our standout favourite piece of the brand happens to the Black "Culture" bag -- the epitome of a statement piece. But, of course, we're also fans of the tiny "Little Date" bag. According to our American sister site, they've confirmed that Jarrod will be offering international shipping in the very near future for anyone interested in purchasing across the UK and the European Union. https://twitter.com/itsjustjarrod/sta...
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Against the backdrop of corruption, Carrie Lam is bragging to the world about her mountains of cash

Turns out being a corrupt Chinese politican pays pretty well. According to Carrie Lam, the chief executive of Hong Kong, she’s got piles of cash in her house but has no active bank account. Contrary to what many probably believed — one cannot actually have a bank account if they’ve been sanctioned by a foreign power. In an interview that aired over the weekend, Lam confirmed that she holds massive amounts of cash in her home and conducts all transactions as such. Because of the sanctions, Lam is also forbidden from using credit cards because allot of them have to do with Visa and Mastercard unless they’re directly issued by a financial power in China. Lam told the interviewer that as as a result of the sanctions she is “honoured’ to have them because she doesn’t believe that t...
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Wild claims of an Iranian assassination plague America: Reports

If reports are to be believed — the western world might have some explaining to do if blood is on their hands over the death of an Iranian scientist. According to Iranian news reports, a top nuclear scientist was assassinated as the weekend kicked off to stunned officials and an alarming message for the Americans. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, one of the country’s leading nuclear scientists, was killed in an alleged gunmen opened fire on his car after having pulled up next to his convoy. The same happened to his security detail although they were later blown up. Iran of course has blamed much of the western world. American officials across the board have declined to comment.
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Yet another of Trump ‘s election challenges has been thrown out by the courts

It’s blow after blow for Donald Trump but common sense says that Donald Trump intentionally wants to lose so that the cases end up before the Supreme Court. On Saturday, it was declared that one again have denied Donald ‘s claims of election fraud in Pennsylvania with the judges declaring that the claims ultimately had no merit. The appeals court in PA ultimately issued the swift denial on Trump ‘s behalf trying to refile his sham lawsuit. "Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here," wrote Judge Stephanos Bibas, a Trump appointee, for the panel "The Campaign never alleges that any ballot was fraudulent or cast by an illegal voter," wrote Bibas. "It never al...
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Trump is having a meltdown because #DiaperDon is trending

IN TYPICAL Trump fashion — Trump kicked off his holiday weekend in the midst of a major meltdown. On Friday, #DiaperDon began trending on American social media site Twitter.com. The result of course is more false claims by Trump that Twitter.com is in some way rigged against anyone who disagrees with him. Trump used the tweet storm as means to once again call for the repeal of Section 230 — a section of the Communications Decency Act that makes it impossible for tech websites to be held accountable or sued in the name of wrongful content uploaded to their sites. Repealing that part of the act entirely likely would dramatically alter the internet — because nutjobs would be able to claim and sue for almost anything. The claims didn’t stop there though. In also usual Trump...
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T.V Time: What is the “Norovirus” as described in Netflix ‘s — The Barrier?

Following our T.V recommendation on Netflix ‘s The Barrier —- many of you have already e-mailed in response asking what in the world is the norovirus. As it turns out — that isn’t some made up virus that happens to be on a T.V show. In fact the norovirus has appeared before in real life on a number of instances. According to the World Health Organisation, the Norovirus is exactly as it is played out in the shockingly dysoptian hit. The virus has some pretty uncommon side effects and usually is transmitted by the fecal-oral route (I know that sounds pretty bizarre but it happens.) The virus can also be transmitted by human vomit (as seen in one of the scenes within the show where the man barfs on the house servant to the Minister.) The virus is believed to account for more t...
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A Black woman in the US has gone viral online after creating a fantastic science inspired cosmetics line #ShopBlack

In our #ShopBlack series, our effort to promote and foster Black creativity in business, we’ve found another wonderful business. Originally discovered by our American newspaper, it appears that science has finally found its home in cosmetics (and she trademarked it.) Our beauty rating: A+ Editors comments: Make sure you peep that pallette. According to Daily News America, the woman has been identified as Jessn’Neka. Per her Twitter page, she created a periodic table and science inspired line of cosmetics that have a wide variety of products readily available. We’ve even taken the liberty of confirming that she does indeed ship internationally. https://twitter.com/jess_nneka/status/1246469223360212993?s=21
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Trump Admin readying new law that would greenlight executions by firing squad

In a move that most probably associate with third world countries or that of China -- death by firing squad could soon be coming back to the U.S. While certain states have always allowed such -- it has hardly ever been a way of federal execution in the U.S. In fact, the mere idea of it is is so bizarre critics are scratching their heads at the announcement from the DOJ. According to the DOJ, a new rule is pending in the federal register that would allow federal inmates to be executed by firing squad. More so, executed by firing squad in the event that they can't get their hands on the already hard-to-come-by lethal injection drugs. The New York Times reports that crooked states like Utah already allow such, although, it is very rarely ever happened. The new rule would also offer a...
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