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Your personal data America (and we mean almost all of you) is quite literally for sale online

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Editors note: This article mentions a portion of the internet that many of you may not be familiar with at all. That part of the internet is actually called “The Dark Web” and is a part of the internet that is only accessible by a third party browser called (“TOR”.). The Dark Web is just as it sounds and is a pretty weird place considering everything you thought wasn’t possible on the internet —- quickly becomes possible in the web’s next realm.


This week —- the FBI made so many press announcements that a particular announcement actually got swept under the rug by media outlets. The announcement centred around what is called The Dark Web and the alleged reports that a user has been hawking the information of 245m Americans on said dark web for weeks. Albeit, parts of the information (we’ve seen some of them ourselves) do appear as noted by a security company to be from publicly available records.

It’s not that hard of a task to take something you’d find on the regular internet (say in Safari) and then take it to the dark web. They have what are called marketplaces, er, that would essentially allow someone to communicate with bad actors (whether people just like us or actual hostile foreign powers.)

The FBI in part got their information from Trustwave Spiderlads, who, says they managed to track down a user who calls themselves Greenmoon2019 on the dark web. (People don’t use any type of identifiable information on the dark web and instead go solely by usernames. Usually people use IP blockers to further mask themselves on that part of the internet.)

It remains unclear who the buyers of the data were but one of them was obviously the Russian and Iranian governments as they may have used the voter roll information databases to target people.

Starting tomorrow — in our new series — we will be exploring the Dark Web for you guys ourselves going step by step on how it works; how you access it, and what exactly you’d find in such a dark place.

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