Thursday, October 22

Twitter reverses course will allow #HunterBiden story after all

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Editors note: The Hunter Biden story is now being allowed on social media but has not been fully checked out. The images appear to be the most credible thing, although, the other parts of the story have not fully checked out yet. As a result — -Twitter has reversed their ban on the story.

The Post ‘s account however is still locked as of this writing for violating the rule to begin with of sharing personal information on the platform.

Twitter (the world’s perhaps most annoying social network) has announced that it will now lift the ban on the New York Post ‘s Hunter Biden story that led to widespread criticism online. The Post’s story revealed a number of both what appear to be credible and equally dubious claims online. Some of those dubious claims have long been debunked by numerous organizations, others, have not been fully debunked as of yet.

However, the photographs revealed appear to be authentic.

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