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Trump remains at Walter Reed as questions over the status of his health grow

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With the Trump Administration general inconsistencies in their delivery of almost any kind of information is fairly normal. But with news that Donald Trump himself is now hospitalized at Walter Reed amid confirmation that he got the Coronavirus — absolutely nothing is different.

Let’s dig in.

According to Sean Conley, the Presidential doctor, Trump allegedly is in fairly good health and has received a series of medical treatments (one of which largely isn’t available to the public at all.). That feat in itself has sparked controversy considering Trump knowingly doesn’t pay his taxes but has graciously accepted public health services to beat the reported Coronavirus diagnosis.

On Saturday afternoon, a new development was transmitted across American media outlets that appeared to indicate that he had been placed on oxygen sometime between leaving the White House and arriving at Walter Reed Medical Centre. NBC News reports that spruces confirmed the claim citing that there are very real concerns that Donald Trump may have waited to long to actually acknowledge his diagnosis.

Meanwhile, it has now been confirmed that Trump knew abut his diagnosis since at least Wednesday. Sean Conley, the WR doctor, accidentally revealed during a press conference that it has been “72 hours” since his diagnosis. That would mean that Trump has known since he flew to not one but two $5m fundraisers; one event, and met with dozens of people.

We’ll continue covering these developments as we receive media transmissions from America.

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