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Announcing a new requirement for brands who seek direct advertisements in this paper

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Hello everyone,

As many of you know we are very large these days. We’ve got millions of you registered; partnerships with brands, and the like that we deal with on a daily basis. In the times we now live in — we’ve now decided that it is time to update our Terms of Service.

We’re going to keep it pretty straight here. If we’ve never heard of your brand or have suspicion to suspect that your brand or your persons may have a bad rep online or a past history that may reflect badly — we reserve the right to look into it. As a newspaper owned by a diverse crowd, and a newspaper with minority leaders at that, it is very important that we remain true to ourselves and avoid those who may not see that fit.

In the coming days, our TOS will be updated. In the new sub-section, we reserve the right to deny a brand or persons advertising services if we find that there is a history of:

  1. Homophobia
  2. Racism
  3. Transphobia
  4. Right-wing extremism/activism

These new updates will go into play immediately.

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