Thursday, October 22

A rapper defrauded the unemployment system —- and then boasted about it in a music video

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A California based rapper by the name of Nuke Bizzle (I promise you here I’m not joking you) is behind bars this week after apparently defrauding CA ‘s unemployment system to the tune of $1.2m. Prosecutors say Bizzle, 32, apparently managed to gain the stolen identities of dozens of people and had been using their information and his own to collect unemployment for months.

What happened next is probably the dumbest move in the history of the internet

CA officials say he then apparently managed to get EDD cards (the cards used in CA for such purposes) for dozens of people mailed to addresses only he had access to throughout the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills.

But you know when someone does something stupid —- they can’t go without bragging about it.

In fact — here it is.

If convicted he faces up to 22 years in prison if all charges are confirmed.

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