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4 of the most salacious murders in the history of New York

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New York City is a grand place — but we’d be lying if we didn’t acknowledge the New York City has birthed some of the strangest things and people one could possibly encounter. Over the past 40 or so years, New York City has given flight to some of the most heinous criminals — and then the most glamorous ever to hit the court room. In this article, we’ll explore 4 of the most stunning murders ever to occur in New York.

  1. Kathy Boudin

Some of you might be a little young to know who this is but never fear. Kathy Boudin (who weirdly enough is an adjunct professor at Columbia/or was at one point) is none other than that Kathy Boudin from the 1981 Brinks robbery that led to three murders. Boudin was charged and convicted in the 1981 robbery/murders that led to the death(s) of two cops and a security guard. She was initially sentenced to life in prison but paroled in 2004.

Boudin, who is now an adjunct professor at Columbia University in New York City.

She then went on to be an HIV/AIDS counsellor at St. Lukes and then went on to be an adjunct professor at Columbia.


2. The Black Widow

If you were a NY’er during the 90 ‘s — chances are you saw the salacious headlines from the 1990 murder of George Kogan. Kogan was an Upper East Sider known for being a wealthy businessman that was fairly friendly to the community. Albeit, he apparently behind the scenes had a wild wandering eye for other women and ended up with another woman.

Enter: Mary Louise Hawkins. On 23 October 1990, Mary-Louise Hawkins ran out of her Upper East Side Apartment to find her boyfriend George Kogan (Barbara Kogan ‘s husband) slain and dying in the middle of the street suffering from gunshot wounds.

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It has long been alleged, even 30 years later, that the woman salaciously dubbed The Black Widow hired a hitman to pay for George ‘s murder at the time. Her alleged hitman and the lawyer who brokered the murder were later charged in the headline grabbing crime.

3. Stacey Castor

We bring you to the ugly year that was 2005. This time we’re talking about Stacey and David Castor — two people who otherwise most would’ve assumed had a pretty good life. But, in 2005, David Castor was found dead after being poisoned with manipulated antifreeze. In addition to murdering David with antifreeze, she also failed to but attempted to murder her daughter Ashley Wallace — and was long suspected of having killed her first husband Michael Wallace. Ironically Michael ‘s grave sits next to David ‘s grave.

She was found dead in 2016 in her cell at the age of 84 believed to be from a heart attack.

4. Amy Fisher (aka the Long Island Lolita)

Hell hath no fury like the other woman scorned. In 1992, the Long Island Lolita was charged and convicted in the shooting death of the wife of her lover Joey Buttafuoco. Their affair started when she was a 16-year-old student and then continued on. She served 7 years in prison and was released in 1999.

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