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Report: Signs of life have been discovered on Venus

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It might be either a long shot — or one of the swiftest discoveries of the decade. According to researchers, signs of life have reportedly been found on Venus. Researchers announced this week that with the help of a Canadian telescope, they were able to find traces of phosphine high in the atmosphere near the planet. Phosphine is a chemical that has generally only ever been found where life has been sustained or may be possible.

It is so far the closest researchers have come or have ever come to finding life outside of earth. The discovery has led to renewed calls to dig deeper into planets like Venus where scientists have long overlooked the idea of life on a planet believed to be hundreds-of-degrees warm.

The Cut reports that scientists now have more of an incentive to dig deeper into Venus, mostly, because some space-lovers are now wondering whether or not Venus may not be what it seems to be at all. If life did or does currently exist somewhere in around Venus — scientists are bound to quickly find out. According to a bit of internet research, the atmosphere is about 31 miles above or so Venus itself. Astronomers have actually long appear to have believed that life does actually exist there. The question, however, is what kind of life that may actually be.


If life were ever to actually be discovered outside of earth — it would in fact lead to more questions than mankind may be ready to ask. Extraterrestrial discoveries or even discoveries of life on a planet other than earth would actually mean that mankind isn’t exactly what it seems to be at all.

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