Some of Jeffrey Epstein ‘s most shockingly lurid kinks revealed in Ghislaine Maxwell ‘s stunning court documents

Depositions; testimonies, and more are all now public information thanks to the revelations made in a series of court documents ordered public by a judge in the case this week. In those documents, it was revealed that during his reign of terror Epstein often made some of the weirdest and kinkiest demands possible.

Among those revealed were the fact that he molested and solicited (and raped) young girls as young as 13 years old. During those times — he would often demand that his victims pinch his nipples while he masturbated; that his victims lay on only pink sheets, and that sexual acts be performed on Ghislaine herself.

For example, this image was obtained by the Attorneys Office in Palm Beach County. The image appears to show Ghislaine Maxwell nude — one of many images of naked women that were allegedly hanging in the many homes of Epstein when he was alive.

In fact, some of the documents revealed lurid details from The Billionaire Playboy’s Club (Virginia’s memoir) which confirmed details about life as a sex slave at the hands of Jeffrey and his accomplices.

In one excerpt, it was revealed that Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz walked in on Jeffrey allegedly raping Virginia.

‘After an explicit session of Jeffrey’s vulgar pilgrimage into my body, we were interrupted by a knock at the door by Jeffrey’s good friend Alan,’ Giuffre wrote.

‘I wrapped myself in Jeffrey’s pink bed sheets, which is the color preference he chose to sleep in because it reminded him of the same color of his own words ”P**sy”, and covered my face from the unexpected intrusion.’

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As it remains — Ghislaine is still fighting to keep even more documents from going public. It is widely believed in those documents that Ghislaine is on paper having admit-tingly procured young women and may even have discussed it with those around her.

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