Report: Kanye West is being used to thwart Joe Biden by Republicans


According to a coy Kanye West and at least two damning reports, Kanye West knowingly appears to be part of a larger Republican operation to “steal votes from Biden.” West himself partially acknowledged the first part but not the latter in an interview that aired Thursday.

Forbes reports that Kanye has acknowledged that the overall goal here isn’t actually to run for President, er, but instead walk. That walking reference is in fact to steal votes from Biden presuming that West doesn’t himself support Biden but instead Trump.

In case it couldn’t get anymore obvious that West ‘s plot is apparently part of a Republican plan he denied to Forbes that he was ever interested in criticising Donald Trump. To the tune of the same interview, West claimed that he has been engaging in meetings with none other than billionaire Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (the same woman who knows very little about what she’s actually doing in such a position.)

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