NYC will now have checkpoints to ensure quarantine orders are followed


Checkpoints as in at all of the major entry points into any of the boroughs. According to the office of Mayor De Blasio, airports; bridges, tunnels, train stations and more will all now have major checkpoints to ensure travellers are following quarantine orders.

De Blasio confirmed on Wednesday that the checkpoints will pop-up in an effort to force travellers and tourists from restricted states to quarantine as ordered. How well that actually may go remains to be seen even for the smartest of officials in New York City.

Restricted travel? What does that mean?

In accordance with COVID-9 rules, travellers from at least 34 states including PR aren’t allowed into New York City until they’ve completed a two week quarantine. While that may keep a ton of folks away, those that do come near New York have no way around completing the mandated quarantine. City officials will offer free hotels; food deliveries, and more to help people during those times. Attempting to skirt quarantine rules are actually subject to felony charges and or fines.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York City officials are fearful of a widespread 2nd outbreak in New York (although NYC is still lingering in its first.)

“They (visitors) will be reminded that it is required not optional,” de Blasio said on Wednesday. “This is serious stuff. If we’re going to hold at this level, the quarantine is going to have to be enforced.”

As of this writing, there are currently 34 states including Puerto Rico that are on the restricted travel list.

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