Manhattan ‘s homelessness rate soars as De Blasio orders them into hotels but it isn’t going so well for some

New York City has long had one of the worst homelessness problems history has probably ever known. At times it shrinks; at times it soars, at others it sit stagnant at an alarmingly high rate. Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, De Blasio is apparently taking measures into his own hands without even as much as consulting residents of the posh Upper West Side first.

The Upper West Side now looks like something straight of 80 ‘s New York.

According to the Mayors office, some 13,000 homeless people across various New York City shelters have been moved into hotels (some of them even the most expensive hotels Manhattan has to offer.). The effort appears to largely be part of a larger effort to eventually permanently house them and get them out of shelters amid the pandemic.

But residents in the Upper West Side aren’t thrilled because nobody in the local government decided to pay anybody a visit, er, and instead moved everybody from sex offenders to real life criminals into nearby hotels.

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