Jamaica ‘s high court has ruled that school ‘s can force children to cut their dreadlocks

There’s some super disheartening news in Jamaica circulating. According to The Washington Post, Jamaica ‘s High Court has ruled (in a very weird almost cynically ironic way) that kids in schools can be discriminated against and can be told that they must cut their dreadlocks.

The Virgo family poses for a portrait in 2019. (Diallo Dixon)

The ruling seems a bit off considering Rastafarians and others wear their natural hair in the country often in the form of dreadlocks. Perhaps for those that don’t know, er, the case stemmed from a battle over a pupil at Kensington Primary School having been told that she must cut her dreads in order to study at the academy.

The young girl ‘s parents have publicly denied that they will forcibly cut her hair and have offered up an ultimatum: they will move her if they get asked to do so again. Dale and Sherine Virgo confirmed their story to The Washington Post.

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